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Where given the choice always choose to play the European Roulette (single green 0) over the American Roulette (extra green 00). The odds are better.

Don't think an outcome is more likely to hit just because it hasn't hit for a number of rounds. For example, it's been black for 5 spins in a row. For the 6th spin its just as likely to be black again as the roulette wheel has no memory of the outcomes of previous spins. The odds of an outcome are the same for every single spin, regardless of results of previous spins.

Play the even money bets for best playing time value, for example, even/odd, red/black, high/low.

Play at a European roulette table which offers en prison. With this rule when the ball lands on a green single or double zero you don't lose your even money bets. As a player you leave the bets in place for the next spin.

If playing American roulette, look for a table with the surrender rule. With this rule in place you recieve half your even money bets back when the ball lands on either the single or double zero.

Don't place the basket bet (the 5 number bet) as it offers the worst betting odds on the table.

Don't pay for a winning roulette system. There's no such thing in the long term.

If playing for real money, play at a trusted online casino which offers some kind of sign up bonus or monthly match bonus.

You don't have to play for real money online. Many casinos offer the game in free play mode.

Play the game of roulette for enjoyment. Don't play the game as a way of trying to make money.

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