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Oscar's Grind Betting System

This system was named after a dice player who used the bet for playing the pass line bet in craps. The aim of the system is to bet a sequence until a one unit bet has been won.

The system works like this, if you lose a bet your next bet will be of the same value. If you win a bet your next bet will be one unit higher unless that total bet would mean if you won you would be more than one unit better off over the whole sequence. The objective is to just win a single bet unit.

To start off simple, if you placed a $2 bet on red and it won, then you have won one unit ($2) and that's the end. You have achieved the objective of winning one betting unit ($2).

So really the system begins when your first bet loses. If you bet your $2 on red and lose your $2's down. As you lost your next bet will be of the same value, so again $2. If you lose this second bet your $4 down. Your third bet would again be $2. You lost so it remains the same value. Now, if this 3rd bet wins, your $2 down overall, but because you won you can add 1 unit to your next bet, so you bet $4, if that bet wins its the end of the sequence as you will be $2 up and have achieved your objective of being 1 betting unit better off.

Before starting out on this Oscar's Grind system make sure you have a set stop loss maximum bet figure per sequence. If you reach this then accept the loss and start a new sequence.

It's an interesting system to try out. Its quite likely you'll keep your betting levels fairly low. If you have a long run of losses then you won't be losing too much as your only increasing your betting wagers when your winning.

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