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Martingale System

This is the most well known and most used of all gambling systems. It's all one of the oldest, most probably used since gambling began. Its also useful in helping a player to win in the short run but over the long run when a player loses they are likely to lose a large amount in one go.

The system is very simple. Double up when you lose. This may even be a system you have thought about yourself when playing. In the short term you are very likely to keep winning with it. Its ideal for a game like roulette where you can bet on outcomes which offer nearly a 50-50 chance of winning, so for example betting on red or black, or odd or even. When you lose a bet, the next round you double the bet to 2. If you lose again, you double again, and keep doing this until you win. So as soon as you next win, overall you will be a winner.


Bet Outcome Win on Round Loss on Round Profit
$2 Red - $2 -$2
$4 Red - $4 -$6
$8 Red - $8 -$14
$16 Red - $16 -$30
$32 Black $32   +$2

However, there are obvious floors to this strategy. In roulette the odds of winning are not 50-50 due to the green 0 and even worse if playing American roulette with the double 00.When playing a on a single zero wheel your near 50-50 bet will in the long run actually win 18 times and lose 19. On the double zero wheel it will win 18 times and lose 20.

Also, you cannot infinitely keep doubling your bets, not just because you would eventually run out of money but because the casinos impose a minimum and maximum betting limit so therefore minimizing the number of time you can actually keep doubling your bets. So when that losing streak hits it will be a big loss. From the table alone you can see how much of an increased risk you are taking each round, and on the 5th bet you are having to risk $32 just to win $2. If you lost a further 2 rounds the 8th round would be a $256 bet just to be $2 better off. Sure in the short run many times you will not hit such a losing streak, but over the long run one day its very likely you will do.

Remember, just because the ball has landed on black for the last 6 spins, on the 7th spin its just as likely to land on black again, as the wheel has no memory as to what the previous spin was.

There are a number of variations to this system that you may want to learn about:

The Grand Martingale -Double your bets when you lose and add an additional single bet so your aiming to win a bet every round you play.

The Anti-Martingale - Double your bets when you win. Win big when winning and keep losses low when on losing streak.

The Gland Martingale - For the patient player willing to wait without betting until 5 consectutive even money bet results appear before betting the Martingale system on the opposite result.

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