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The Grand Martingale

A variation of the Martingale system is the Grand Martingale. It differs in that when a player loses they not only double there bet but they also add an additional bet. So for example if your first $2 bet on red lost your next bet would be doubled to $4 plus an additional bet of $2 so a total of $6. If you lose again your next bet would be double the previous total bet, so for example 6 x 2 is $12 plus an additional bet making a total bet of $14.

The reason players might choose this system is that when you win your actually better off a bet for every round you have played. Different from the original Martingale where you are increasing your bets just to be one bet better off over the course of a number of rounds.

The disadvantage of this system is that it you can double up less often before you hit the casino limits. Therefore your more likely to hit a losing streak and lose all your money for that session.

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