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The Gland Martingale System

This is another variation of the standard Martingale system. Although with this particular system you spend alot of time watching the roulette wheel and only placing a few bets.

You can use this system on any of the even money bets, such as red or black. What you do is wait for 5 consecutive results to appear and then place a bet on the following round on the opposite outcome. So for example if 5 reds appear in a row, you then place 1 bet on black. If you win, you then start watching the wheel again and wait for another combination of 5 even bets, maybe 5 evens etc.

However, if you lose the first bet you then double your bet on the next round. If you lose again you quit and start waiting for 5 even bets to appear again.

The Gland Martingale system is one that may appeal to player who doesn't mind the waiting and then the thrill of the outcome for the few bets they do place.

Many live casinos have scoreboards which show the results of the previous 10 spins or more, the same is normally the case for online roulette games. If not you would have to record the results yourself.

A player could obviously choose to adjust the system by betting after 4 of the same result, or betting after 6 or more of the same result.

One advantage of playing online is that some online casinos will let you play at more than 1 roulette table, or if that option is not available you could play at 2 seperate online casinos and watch more than one table at the same time and wait for the opportunity to start placing bets.

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