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How To Play Roulette

There are two variations of roulette, American and European. They are both played in the same manner so in this section we will treat them as one singular broad game of roulette. In this section you will learn how to play roulette.

If you play roulette in a casino you will see the game is split into two sections. Firstly there is the roulette wheel which contains pockets for the randomly spread numbers 1- 36. These pockets alternate in colour between red and black and either include one green zero or a double green zero depending on the exact variation of roulette you are playing.

Beside the wheel is then the roulette table layout which matchs the numbers on the roulette wheel. The player will need to have first got hold of some betting some chips and then they can place those chips as bets on the table layout. There are a wide range of roulette bets that can be placed on the differentout comes of the wheel. The various different bets you can place offer different odds of winning.

While players are placing there bets the croupier will spin the roulette wheel and then spin the ball in the wheel in the opposite direction around he edge of the wheel. Players can continue to place bets until the croupier signals or confirms "no more bets".

Once the ball has landed and stayed in a particular numbered pocket the croupier will call out the winning number and colour and then place a marker on the roulette table layout on the winning number. The croupier then collects in all the losing bets and pays out the winning bets to the winners. When all bets are paid and the marker is removed from the table layout a new round of bets can begin.

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