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History of Roulette

Its known that spinning games involving wheels or shields dated back to the times of ancient civilizations where they might have used the outcome of a spin to determine the winner of an animal or even a woman. Roulette as we know it today dates back as far as 17th century France and was known as hoca. It was outlawed for a while but came back in the 18th century and grew in popularity through the 19th century.

Its thought that French scientist Blaise Pascal was the first person around the1650's to invent a wheel mechanism similar to roulette while studying perpetual motion, which is movement that goes on forever.

In 1720 a game in England known as roly-poly was developed and this involved a ball spinning around the outer edge of a bowl which was rotating in the opposite direction. As the spinning slowed the ball would fall into one of the pockets. However in England 1739-1740 the Gaming Acts banned the game of "roly poly" and similar gambling games. A man known as Beau Nash added the even odd aspect to the game in an effort to evade the the Gaming Act but this to was soon outlawed.

The game itself gradually developed over the next 50 years or so into the current game we know today as roulette and was being played in French casinos before 1800. This early European roulette actually featured the single and double zero pockets. This version of the game was introduced to the U.S. where they tinkered with the game further to increase the house edge even more. They had less numbers going from 1- 28 and also added an Eagle pocket. The odds were massively in favour of the casino and the game quickly lost its appeal to players. Overtime casinos went back to the original double zero version.

Back in France, Europe, brothers Francois and Louis Blanc introduced the first single zero roulette wheel and this really catapulted the popularity of the game as it lowered the casinos edge to just 2.7%.

King Charles III of Monaco invited Louis Blanc and his roulette wheel to be part of his ground breaking casino in which roulette was to be one of the most popular games.

These days the Europeans still typically play the single roulette wheel while the U.S still mainly offer the double zero wheels. It's no surprise therefore that the game of roulette is alot more popular in Europe with such better odds being offered.

The age of the internet and especially high speed connections have allowed many players around the world to discover and play the game of roulette online. Many of these players may never have been to a live casino, or even have access to one in there loca lcommunity. However they can now enjoy the game from the comforts of there own home.

Another way roulette has been introduced directly into the homes of millions of people is via TV satellite stations. These sometimes feature roulette shows, which typically show a spinning wheel and people can place there bets over the phone and then watch the TV to see in which pocket the balls ends up.

No doubt other methods of playing this popular game will be introduced or improved so more people can play, such as playing via mobile phones.

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