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Roulette Glossary

The meanings of the most relevant and common terms or jargon you may come across when reading about and playing the casino game of roulette.

American Roulette - The roulette wheel with both single 0 and double 00.

Basket Bet - Or 5 number bet. This bet can only be made on the American roulette wheel and is placed on the the first row of numbers that includeboth both single and double zeros on the table layout.

Ball - The small white ball which is spun counter-clockwise into the wheel to eventually finish up in a number pocket of the wheel and produce the outcome of the round.

Biased Wheel - A wheel that has an imperfection that results in certain numbers or sections of the wheel coming up more often than would otherwise be expected.

Black Bet - A bet that the next number will be black.

Cancellation System - A betting system which cancels numbers after bets won and adds numbers after bets lost. These actions dictate the value of the next bet.

Chips - Coloured chips used to place your bets on the layout.

Column Bet - A bet on one of the 3 columns of 12 numbers on the roulette table.

Combination Bet - A bet on more than one outcome per round.

Corner Bet - A bet that covers 4 joined numbers. Also known as a square bet.

Croupier - French term for the "dealer".

Cuban Betting System - Placing a single bet on the third column and also a a single bet on black per spin.

d'Alembert Betting System - System based on the idea of "nature seeks equilibrium".

Dealer - The casino worker runs the game. They spin the roulette wheel and then pay winning bets and collect losing bets.

Dealer Signature - The tendency for a dealer to unconsciously influence the outcome of a spin with the ball landing within a certain distance of the previous spin based on the repetitive nature of them spinning and putting the ball into play exactly the same way every spin.

Dozen Bet A bet on one of the 12 sections of numbers. Normally labeled 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12.

En Prison - With this rule in place a player doesn't lose there even money bets when a zero comes up on a European roulette wheel. The bets are left in place for another spin and on that spin if you bet comes up you don't win you just receive your chips back. This rule not offered at all European roulette tables.

European Roulette - The wheel with just the single green zero .

Even Bet - A bet that the next number will be an even number.

Fibonacci System A progressive system which dates back to the middle ages and is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers where numbers are the combined value of the previous 2 numbers combined.

Grind System - Is when you increase your bet by one unit after a win.

High Bet - A bet that the number to come up will be between 19 - 36

Hoca - An early version of roulette before it developed into the game we know today.

House Edge - The casinos advantage on a casino game or particular bet placed.

Inside Bet - A bet on the central numbers of the roulette betting layout.

La Bouchere System A cancellation system whereby a player chooses a sequence of numbers and then bets the value of the first and last numbers in the sequence. If player losses a number is added to the sequence, if the player wins numbers are crossed out of the sequence.

La Partage - European roulette rule when you get half the value of your even money bets back when the ball lands on the single zero.

Layout - The layout of different bets which can be placed.

Line Bet A bet on 2 rows of 3 numbers, so 6 numbers in total.

Low Bet A bet that the number to come up will be between 1 - 18.

Martingale System - A system where a player keeps doubling the next bet every time they lose.

Odd Bet A bet that the next number will be an odd number.

Odds - The mathematical likelihood of an event occurring.

Orphans - A bet on numbers 6, 17 and 34. These numbers run consecutively on a European roulette wheel but are far apart on the table layout.

Oscars Grind - A system whereby when you lose a bet then the next bet is of the same value. When you win a bet then next bet increases by one unit unless that sequence of bets will result in an overall win of more than 1 unit.

Outside Bets - A bet on the outside of the central number bets.

Red Bet - A bet that the next number will be red.

Straight Bet - A bet on a single number.

Street Bet - A bet on a row of 3 numbers.

Surrender - A rule where the casino only takes half the losing bet on an even money bet when a zero or double zero appears. Sometimes known as La partage.

Wager - A bet

Wheel - The wheel that contains the numbers and which the ball is spun in.

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