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Roulette Column Bets

Column bets are a type of outside roulette bets that are located at the bottom of the table, below the individual numbers. There are three seperate column bets available and each bet corresponds to the entire column of numbers above. Usually the column bet boxes have the words "2 to 1" written in their betting area.

Column bets pay 2:1. If you placed a $5 column bet on the first column of numbers and any of those numbers hit, you would be paid $10.

Picture of a Roulette Column Bet

The picture below is a little difficult to read because this roulette table does not show the proper column betting areas. We have placed the $100 column bet in the general area where you will find the column bet boxes on a standard roulette table. The bet seen below covers all numbers in the first column, starting with 1.

Example of Roulette Column Bets

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