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Roulette Single (1) Number Straight Bets

Single number straight bets are the most common type of inside roulette bets and they are very simple to learn. As stated in the bet name, you are simply placing a bet on one (1) individual number. With this wager you simply put your betting chips dead center on top of the number you wish to bet on.

If any of your single number straight-up bets hit on the roulette wheel, you are paid a 35:1. This is the highest payout in the game of roulette. If you placed a $5 bet on 17 and managed to hit, you would be paid $175. This is usually the type of roulette bet that gets people interested in the game because of the high payout.

Picture of a Roulette Straight Bet

In the picture below, the player has placed a $100 straight bet on the number 24.

Example of Roulette Straight Bets

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